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Halogen Beam Heater

A thing of beauty, programmable (time and temperature), with memory, the beam heater allows precision like never before for syphon brewing. RRP is £495 - please contact us if you'd like to place a pre-order; these should be in stock by late March.

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Brew Specialty Coffee with ease — Hario V60 Metal Dripper

All you need is a V60 Dripper and a paper filter to brew a great cup of your favourite coffee. The key to brewing a great pour over is first understanding the defining characteristics of the V60. Since this method of preparation is so simple, an appreciation for your coffee comes naturally.

The HARIO V60 Dripper has been widely supported by many coffee professionals, and continues to help escalate the industry’s coffee appreciation to the level of a fine delicacy. Tremendous care goes into growing, roasting, grinding and brewing of coffee bean blends and single origins, simply to retain and perfect the beans distinct characteristics and complexities. The V60’s unique cone shape helps preserve this depth of flavour by allowing movement for an even and efficient extraction, while also allowing for different experiences with the same coffee, depending on the speed of water flow and movement chosen by the user.

The V60 Metal Dripper is made of high grade stainless steel. A balance of function and style make this brand new addition to the V60 series well worth the wait. Recognised for the large single hole at its base, HARIO has passed on this bold innovation from the original resin, ceramic and heat-resistant glass drippers. With the added features of stainless steel, you can now enjoy an authentic pour over coffee anywhere you like. Light weight, durable and break resistant, it will definitely come in handy at the brew bar during the busy morning rush, or while camping and enjoying nature’s beauty.

The stainless steel dripper’s inner spiral ridges help create a separation between the filter and the cone, allowing for additional movement and expansion of the coffee grounds. With an easy- to-grip handle, and removable silicone base, you can place the dripper directly on a pot or mug with maximum stability. With the V60 Metal Dripper, brewing a pour over becomes easy, smooth and freeing. 

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Good Design Awards 2013

Hario and Brewed by Hand are pleased to announce that the Filter-In Bottle, Latte Shaker and Sommelier Syphon have all received Good Design Awards recognition in this year's exhibition.